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Ship for Tania

Boy: Louis!!

Celebrity Best Friend: Luke Hemmings!!

Girlfriend Best Friend: Perrie Edwards!!

Your Song: Over My Head ~ The Fray

Your Youtuber: Caspar Lee

Hope you enjoy!! Sorry it’s so late!(:



Diana - Layered (requested)

Use headphones! This edit has to be one of my favorites


I just saw this ad playing before a youtube video and I had to stop and watch the whole thing. Incredible.

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I’m not Tumblr famous.


Getting asks isn’t a regular thing, I still smile when I see Messages (1).

People don’t reblog me ASAP. Sure, I get reblogged 20 or 30 notes, if I’m lucky.

I don’t get asked for pictures of me.

People don’t ask me for requests.

I don’t have a lot to offer.

most of my blog is 99.9% reblogs

i LOVE every little follower of mine 

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a master list? Please and thank you :)


I really wish I could, but every time I try to put a custom URL, there’s an “error” so it wont let me .-. I will as soon as I can though(: Sorry about that

Anonymous asked: Is there gonna be a part three for Harry and Niall? :)


there will, I wanna finish part two for Louis, Zayn, and Liam first. But Look out for them!(:

One Direction Preference Five ~ He Cheats on You - Harry Part Two (Requested)

**Y/N = Your Name

**Y/B/F/N = Your Best Friend’s Name



I watched her drive away, seeing her like this made me want to die. Especially knowing I caused that pain, it’s horrible, I’m so, so, so, so stupid. Why would I hurt the one girl I actually love to death? Because I’m a complete idiot is why. What is so sad about this whole thing is, I know for a fact, she’s never going to give me a second chance, hell I don’t deserve one! I cheated on her, with her best friend too! God, I want to kill myself. Hopefully Y/B/F/N is gone, I cannot go back inside and talk to her.

Walking inside, I knew she wasn’t here anymore. She probably snuck out the back door, not wanting to face Y/N. I wouldn’t either if I were her, she’s basically made this relationship go to hell. I hate her for it, I hate her so much, and I wish we had a thing like the purge so I could go hurt her in some way, because of her, Y/N doesn’t love me anymore.

I had a little fit, throwing things around, yelling at completely nothing at all, I just needed to get any anger I had in me out before I go to my mums. She always had the best advice. I threw anything that could fit in a suitcase, knowing I wouldn’t be home for a while, the memories are haunting me. I also wrote a note to Y/N telling her I loved her and would be back soon, if she did come back anyway.

Once getting to my mums, I had a little prep talk to myself, I didn’t want to break down in front of her, im stronger than that and I know it. But, when it comes to Y/N I don’t know if I could keep myself together. I walked up to the door, not knowing to knock or not. I haven’t been physically home for about a year now, mum’s always come up to Y/N and I for holidays and such. Before I could thump my fist on the door, it swung right open, exposing a very joyful mum of mine.

“Harry!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms around my neck, hugging me tight. I smiled wide hugging her back just as tight.

“Hi mum,” I responded. She let go, looking behind me for that certain someone.

“Where’s Y/N?” she asked, a sad look on her face. She’s always loved Y/N, she knew she was the one, just like I did. But since I’m stupid, I messed up everything that was ever going to happen in the future. I saw us getting married in about a year. A couple years later, we would have a baby, or even babies. We would grow old together, dying cuddled together in our sleep. With our kids having their own kids.

“Um, we had a misunderstanding I guess that’s what you call it,” I said, looking down. I was desperately trying to hold back the tears already spilling down my face.

“Harry, did you do what I think you did?” she asked knowing the answer already.

I slowly nodded, a sob escaping my lips. “I messed up mum, I messed up so, so bad,” I cried.

“C’mon in and we can talk about it,” she said tugging on my arm. I walked inside, ready for whatever lecture my mum had in store for me.

“Harold Edward Styles, why would you cheat on a girl like Y/N?” she asked, concern laced with her words.

“Because I’m a bloody idiot,” I answered. Which was the honest truth.

“Oh, honey,” she said, I looked up to see her looking at me with pity in her eyes. “You’re getting her back,” she continued, I had a confusion written across my face. How would she ever take me back?

“How?” I asked, obviously very clueless.

“You’ll see, and I promise it will work. Now, go on to bed, you need your rest,” she instructed. I nodded standing up. I walked to my old bedroom only thinking about her and wishing she was here to keep me warm like she used too. But, I have to deal with an empty bed, because of my stupid mistake. I just hope mum is right. I really miss my baby.

A/N: Whale, this was awful. But I did want to get something up this weekend. Soooooo here’s Harry part two!(: Louis’ will be up soon, probably during the week I have no school this week!!! :D thank the flippin lord. Anywho, hope you enjoyed it!!


Can we talk about fetus Harry getting his hand taped to a desk?

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You know what?

1D Day taught me that no matter how mysterious or punk we make the boys, they will always be those 5 idiots from 3 years ago we all fell in love with. We all make Harry all dark and such. But he really is still a loveable dork, Niall may be all buff and all that, but he still laughs at almost everything, Liam may have a different style, but he’s still the proper boy he was, Louis may have tattoo’s almost all over himself but he still is the sass master of Doncaster, and Zayn may be engaged to a gorgeous girl, but he still is the funny quiet boy we love. So basically, the boys will always be dorks, not matter how old they are. And I know I went all carrot on everyone, but I really don’t care. Okay, I’m done ranting.

Cheating preference

should part 2 be in the boys’ pov?


only 90s kids can reblog this

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